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Healthy scobies! Bottling kombucha today. New flavors too ... Apple Pie, Citrus Ginger, and Muscadine Grape! Do you want to know more about the health benefits of this delicious beverage? Read here ... It's simply amazing!

Barcelona's Foodie Heaven

On my recent trip to Barcelona, Spain, I went down La Rambla to La Boqueria ... one of the most amazing Green Markets in the world. I bought olives, Marcona almonds, dates, fresh cherries, Manchego cheese, Iberico jamón, avocados and picanté chorizo. It just might have been my favorite place EVER!!!

It peels effortlessly, it's seedless and it is quite possibly the sweetest citrus you'll ever eat! EVERY year I call relentlessly awaiting this amazing fruit! I love, love, love Sumo Mandarins and I'm really not a big citrus person for the most part. Available only in late February, you'll want to get these while you can. Central Market and Tom Thumb have them now.The zipper skin almost falls off its so tender. Super sweet, super juicy, super BIG, and a little ugly ... but crazy delicious!

This a great new movie! It was just released in late 2012. If you are at all curious about the Paleo lifestyle and its wonderful benefits, it's a must watch. If you are already working the Paleo lifestyle and reaping it's many benefits, this movie is still a must see to deepen your knowledge base. It chronicals tons of information about the history of humans and why this way of eating and living is most beneficial to our bodies. If you've had questions, all of the most pertinent information can be found here. The genius behind the science is evident. I rented it from Apple TV and I'm sure it can be found just about anywhere at this point. Enjoy and drop me a note to share your thoughts about the movie!

Click the movie title above to be redirected to the movie website. Watch the official movie trailor below.

Opal Gold Apples

Opal Gold Apples are in season and are beginning to make appearances at local groceries. Get excited! This is my favorite apple on the planet! They are gorgeous too! Large and golden yellow with pink blushing and a characteristic browning around the stem. They have a distinctive flavor unlike other apples ... very crisp and juicy, sweet with a slight tartness and best described as "tangy". They remind me of the flavor of apple cider. It's a special apple that's only around for a limited time as they come from a single orchard in Washington state. Debuted only as of recent in 2010, they've quickly become the talk of foodies everywhere and are in high demand by those in the know, which is what you want to be! Trust me ... This is apple greatness!

FARM TO FORK is the local meat co-op I belong to here in the DFW area. It's owned and operated by wonderful, thoughtful people. Thus far I've purchased grass-fed beef in multiple cuts and ground, cage-free chicken whole and in multiple cuts, longhorn in multiple cuts, local raw unfiltered honey, bison, and wild caught Alaskan salmon and crab. Coming soon is a source for healthy pork and I'm hoping for an almond flour order soon too! This co-op has allowed me complete certainty in the food I'm preparing and eating. It's so great to have the freezer stocked and ready to pull from any time for our Paleo meals.

Today's haul from Walnut Creek Farms in Alvarado, TX!

The drop off point for Mansfield is in the Target parking lot.

They provide fresh produce and fruits as well as grass fed chicken,

beef and turkeys for Thanksgiving. 

Aurora Apples

Good tip for the day!

Aurora Apples are available right now at Tom Thumb (Safeway). Don't miss these incredible apples. They are amazing! Take it from a wannabe apple connoisseur! 

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