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Hi. I'm Karen. Welcome to my website and blog. I pray you find something of good use here and that you've found this site because you're on a journey to a better you. All positive, loving feedback is welcome here.

Since June 2012 I have been cooking, creating and eating clean. My parents and brother introduced me to this new lifestyle. How grateful I am that they did! Paleo is about SO much more than "dieting". It's about health. It's about eating whole, clean, good foods that our bodies were designed for. It's about eating to LIVE so that our bodies perform to their optimal ability. It's about clearing our systems of toxicity that has come from years of bad habits and malnutrition. Our ancestry gives us the best clues about what we should eat. I promise you this ... there were no boxed goods, packages or preservatives in the beginning. There were no drive-throughs and no canned goods. There weren't pantries or cabinets with which to store food items for weeks, months or even years. Our ancestors of long ago, and even not-so-long ago (think back a couple of generations to great-grandparents gardening and having family farms) ate FRESH, WHOLE foods. They fished and they hunted. They raised a lot of what they ate with hard work and TLC. They harvested fresh vegetables and shared with everyone they knew. They picked fruits, berries and nuts when the time was right. They did all this because there weren't many choices. And they were healthier ... much healthier than we are today. Today we have WAY too many choices.

This is really very simple. You are in control of your food. I'm not suggesting that you run out and buy livestock or start gardening. But, hypothetically, if you did, what would you be eating? I am suggesting that you think about what goes into your body. Our choices today should be a blessing, not a curse. The conveniences we have should work to our benefit, not our detriment. Markets today are stocked with grass-fed, natural meats and local organic produce. That's a convenienece to embrace.

What if I told you that for most of my adult life I have taken perscription allergy medications? Every. Single. Night. For YEARS! If I accidentally missed a dosage, I'd pay for it the next day with a stuffy head and uncontrollable sneezing. And forget enjoying the outdoors ... it wasn't even a possibility. Chronic rhinitis and sinuitis were always a struggle. I was always sick. What if I also told you that in the last 6 months I have completely weaned myself off those meds? That my system has healed itself because I've changed what I eat? I'd say that it's nothing short of a miracle and I never thought I'd see the day that I no longer needed those pills. And I never thought I'd feel this good. It's truth ... 100%.

Every day is a new day full of blessings and opportunites.

What might your body self-correct if it was given the opportunity to heal?

If you're anything like me, you'll learn to love your kitchen again. You'll enjoy reinventing foods you love in a new, healthy way. You'll take pride in serving something to your family and friends that you know will only benefit them. And if you drop a little weight, that'll probably make you smile too. I'm finally done with that 20 lbs I've lost over and over again. When you start feeling better, I'd love to hear your story. Please drop me an email.

If you're interested in this page, good for you! There is hope for your health in a world that thrives on convenience. I promise to offer you my insights and yummy recipes and my blessings to go along with both. Know that there is a wealth of information to be had about Paleo and that opinions vary widely. This blog will give you mine. I hope you enjoy, learn and cook lovely things.

Cheers to a better you and better health! To a new way of thinking! And to cooking lovely food!

~ Karen

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